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about US

What is cpac?

The United Reformed Churches in North America currently have 19 congregations throughout the Midwest comprising Classis Central U.S.  Because this group of churches is committed to planting churches throughout the region, a committee was established in our classis to encourage and coordinate such efforts.  The Church Planting Advisory Committee (CPAC) not only works with churches to begin church plant works, but also proactively investigates different church plant opportunities.  We also have created this website as an information hub to manifest our unity as United Reformed Churches in our church planting pursuit, along with providing equipping resources for congregations and individuals concerning missions and evangelism.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Current Assisted Works

One of C.P.A.C.’s central tasks is to assist the local churches in the support and promotion of already existing church plants. The committee regularly keeps the churches of classis informed of the ongoing work through the publication of quarterly newsletters, as well as facilitating an Annual Report. This allows the churches to continue watering the fields of harvest.

Currently there are 2 established church plants overseen by consistories in Classis Central U.S., and both happen to be Spanish-speaking ministries!  One (El Pacto De Gracia) lies within our traditional geographical region of the midwest, while the other (Luz De Vida) is located hundreds of miles across the globe in Quito, Ecuador. 

El Pacto De Gracia (chicago heights, IL)

Established in 2008, El Pacto De Gracia is a Spanish-speaking URCNA church plant with oversight by Faith United Reformed Church in Beecher, IL. To learn more about this work, visit:

luz de Vida (Quito, Ecuador)

Established in 2014, Luz De Vida is a URCNA church plant with oversight by Covenant Reformed Church in Pella, IA.
To learn more about this work, visit

POtential Mission Works

Another key task of C.P.A.C. is to proactively investigate mission fields that are ripe for harvest in the Midwest.  This includes researching fields where there are currently no confessionally Reformed churches (   

Recently, a variety of seeds have been planted by the grace of God.  In the last few months, C.P.A.C. has:    

  • Begun investigative work on starting a church plant in Sioux City, IA in conjunction with a number of consistories in our Classis. 
  • Been in contact with a group of believers in Columbus, NE who are desiring a Confessionally Reformed church in their area.
  • Met with the consistory of Cornerstone URC (Sanborn, IA) to begin research in planting a church/Latino Ministry in Northwest Iowa.
  • Been contacted by the consistory of Christ Reformed Church (Sioux Falls, SD) to begin pursuing a church plant in the greater Sioux Falls area. 

CurrenT CPAC Members

Rev. Joel Wories

Rev. Joel Wories currently serves as Pastor at the United Reformed Church of Wellsburg, Iowa where he was ordained as minister of Word and Sacrament in 2016.

Rev. Jody Lucero

Rev. Jody Lucero is Pastor of Providence Reformed Church of Des Moines, Iowa ( He was the church planting pastor, and he has served as minister of Word and Sacrament for over fifteen years.

Dr. Bruce Aardsma

Dr. Bruce Aardsma serves as an elder at Community United Reformed Church in Schererville, IN. He also serves on the executive committees of Illiana Council Cadet and Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary.

Grant Diekevers

Mr. Grant Diekevers is a member of Cornerstone United Reformed Church in Sanborn Iowa where he and his wife have been members since 1996. Grant has served as an elder for 23 years, and has served as a teacher and biblical counselor for many years.