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The following resources are highlighted by C.P.A.C. on this page in order to help assist churches and their members to grow in their theology and practice of Missions & Evangelism. These resources are meant to supplement the Scriptures, as well as challenge the militant church of Jesus Christ today to faithfully fulfill its calling of the Great Commission until the Lord returns.

Given the broad scope and range of topics listed on this page, it is important to note that neither C.P.A.C. nor the churches of Classis Central U.S. officially endorse every belief or recommendation expressed through these materials. Like the Bereans, we are called to examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so. Yet since we also believe and confess in the "holy, catholic church" as stated in the Apostles' Creed, it is also important to remember that we can learn from other orthodox and faithful traditions that differ with us on things "adiaphora" (things indifferent).


Resources that challenge and equip believers in our evangelism efforts.

Church Revitalization

Resources that help evaluate and assess the church’s spiritual vitality and heart for Missions

Examples of Outreach Events

Curious what other churches are practically doing in their biblical outreach and evangelism efforts? Scroll through a variety of examples that local URC churches have creatively done in the past. 

Theology of Missions

Want a deeper understanding of the ultimate purpose in our Missions & Evangelism?  Find theological resources that help lay a strong foundation for how we should approach our high calling from God.

Body Building

Helpful resources on the specific ways we can edify and build up the church on a weekly basis.